Essential info to know before purchasing a wavy hair

1. For maintenance, you’ll need: raw hair serum, curling iron or bending rollers, Natural hair comb
2. See picture below on how to measure correctly

3. Your wavy hair might loose its waves with time, Waves are not permanent, when will brush your hair often, the waves will fall, You can recurl with bending rollers or curling iron.
4. Watch the video tutorial below for detailed instructions on how to recurl your hair.

Essential things to know before purchasing a curly wig

1. Transit time and shipment handling MIGHT(Very rare cases) make your curly hair a bit scattered when received. please note that we sell 100% human hair, just like your natural hair, when you curl /straighten/style your natural hair and you sleep on it(even if you wrap with bonnet), it will still scatter a bit and your hair would still need to be touched up a bit It’s same with the hairs you buy from us, sometimes during shipping, the package might be.
A. handled roughly
B. Squeezed/pressed with other shipments being sent and might stay that way for 2-5 days or more due to transit time,so definitely your hair might get to you a bit scattered.
It’s just like clothes,if it’s delivered rumpled, it doesn’t mean the cloth is fake or bad, it just needs ironing.
You cannot compare the state of a hair that was packaged and went through transit to a hair that was wigged,styled and modeled immediately

If the curls of the hair are slightly rough(not really scattered):

Option one: Mix a scoop of leave in conditioner and add about 3-5 drops of serum into a spray bottle, shake vigorously to mix content evenly, then spray directly onto your wig or spray into your palms and massage into the hair, this will get your curly hair looking lush and shiny for a very long time.

Option two: spray your curly hair serum abundantly, directly onto your wig, then tame it with your palms, this will help smoothen, refresh and revive the squeezed/scattered curls of the wig.

2. Recommended Accessories for maintenance includes: Curly hair serum, Leave in conditioner (Cantù or dark &lovely), Spray bottle, Water, Gentle brush.