1. The Bob style on your wig doesn’t last forever, it’s only synthetic bobs that doesn’t straighten,for human hair bobs, you MUST maintain the bob style with your straightener.
2. Bob or blunt hair that isn’t kept in a straight condition or on a mannequin or wig stand after each use will scatter or bend
3. Bob hair needs to be styled and properly maintained even if it’s new
4. Recommended Accessories for maintenance includes: Straightner, Raw hair serum, wax stick for fly always, hot comb, wig stand etc
5. By the time we you receive your bob/blunt bob wig, it might get flipped out or bent, why does this happen. The reason is this:
Bob/ blunt-bobs are not permanent, they scatter easily especially during transit time and we always take our time to package properly before they are sent, but during transit, the package might be
A. handled roughly
B. Squeezed/pressed with other shipments being sent and might stay that way for 2-5 days or more due to transit time,so definitely your hair might get to you a bit scattered /bent.

It’s just like clothes,if it’s delivered rumpled, it doesn’t mean the cloth is fake or bad, it just needs ironing.
You cannot compare the state of a hair that was packaged and went through transit to a hair that was wigged,styled and modeled immediately.