Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Curly Hairs And Their Answers

Measuring curly hair weve length

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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Curly Hairs And Their Answers.


ANSWER: yes curly hair looks shorter because the twists that gives it the curly looks also makes it look shorter, but if you pull it down or straighten it, you would notice that it would look way longer, same applies for wavy hair, if you keep an 18inches wavy hair and an 18inches straight hair beside each other for length comparison you would notice that the straight hair looks obviously longer than the wavy hair because the Waves makes the body wave hair look shorter but if the body wave is pulled down or straightened, it measure same length and the straight hair.

See picture below for illustrations.

Curly hairs when straightened looks way longer, this is why many people sometimes get longer length of a curly hair, to get the exact look they want.

Pull your hair down measure, don’t just place the tape on or beside the hair to measure(measure even the little tips)
Check image below for more info

Measuring curly hair weve length

The tighter the curls, the shorter the hair looks and this makes it harder to measure correctly.

This is why curly hairs with loose curls like deep waves and water waves looks longer than curly hairs with tight curls like jerry curls, pixie curls and water curls.

But the good thing is this Curls drop, loosen and relax over time , this is why, if you measure your brand new curly hair, it will barely get to the exact length ordered, it will ,but barely, especially hairs with tight curls.

But if you measure the same hair after two months, it will give you the exact length and even more sometimes.

Measuring curly hair weve length

All these hairs are same length but different curl patterns, that’s why we pull down to measure

Q 2: Rainbow, Can I Brush my Curly Hair?

Answer: Yes you can.
There are three ways to comb your hair, depending on the kind of fullness you want to achieve.

A. Weavon brush

B. Natural hair comb.

C. finger combing.

Please note that it is highly recommended that the your curly hair/wig should be wet or semi wet before you comb, brush or finger comb it.


weavon brush

When you use a weavon brush to brush your wet/semi wet hair, it gives it a super full and fluffy look, the more you brush, the fuller it gets.

This does not harm your curls in anyway, you can always get your curls back to its original state once you wet and finger comb.





When you use comb to comb your wet/semi wet(half dry) curly hair, it gives the hair a naturally full look when the hair dries.

Not too full but moderately full.
This is the look most people prefer.


This is when you wet your hair and gently use your hands to run through the hair, slowly detangling and smoothing the curls!

Finger combing

This is the safest way to retain the curls of your curly hair, especially for those who are not really experienced on how to handle curly hairs, because it keeps the curls intact.

Q3: RAINBOW, My Curly hair is Rough/ Hard and Tangled , it’s not as Soft as when I first got it. What do I do?

rough and tangled hair


is your hair becoming a bit tough? Not as soft as when it was first purchased and even maybe even tangling, that means that the hair has,
A: too much products on it
B: it has built up too much dust and particles in it over time.

This means that your hair needs;
a: light shampooing
b: deep conditioning


You would be needing,
a: half bucket of Lukewarm water
b: handful of salt to help retain moisture in hair.

Put in the hair and leave for 10minutes, then add shampoo, then lovingly/gently massage your virgin hair bundles, wash with absolute care.

N.B: Hairs don’t need to be washed like clothes, to avoid ridding the hair of it’s built in essential oils, if washed too hard, it could like to Permanent dryness of the wig.

Wash wig for 3-5 minutes, then rinse out and lay wet wig on foil or nylon and put in conditioner abundantly, massage conditioner into hair, and comb.

Put conditioner and massage in some more, then cover/wrap it up for 5-6 hours or over night. Rinse  out and leave out to dry under sun.

Thank us later.

Dear rainbow doll, every virgin hair normally sheds a bit, when brushed zero to minimal shedding is expected, only excessive shedding is to be frowned on.


  • Dark and lovely shampoo
  • Dark and lovely conditioner
  • Cantu conditioner
  • Tres emme conditioner

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